The recordings of a historical tribe

Bild Hermann Unterkircher

Hermann Unterkircher

Since the year 1985, I, Hermann Robert Unterkircher, am dealing with the ancestor-research of the Family Unterkircher. The reason for my efforts, was the very interesting way, to see, which ways our namesakes went in their lives. My intentions with this Internet-page is, to ask all „Unterkircher“ to gather additional information and hints for future researches.

The first family-tree was made up by Priest H.H. Bernhard Pabst of Meransen (South-Tyrol).  Mr. Pabst was a brother of Rosalia Pabst (Holzer in Meransen), who married Peter Unterkircher (Kircher Bauer),  (my grandfather) on 13 May 1907. Priest Pabst himself has been priest for    22 years in Onach in the upper Puster-Valley. He made up the family-tree in the year 1940, when the Nazi-Government requested every family to proof the „Aarish Human Race“. By serving as priest, he had best connections to retrace historical priest-records.

Bernhard Pabst

The original family-tree is in the possession of the family Unterkircher.

Already in the year of 1510, the first Unterkirchers has been mentioned in the baptist- and death-records of the priest-office in Weitental (village name) in the Puster-Valley in Tirol (today South-Tyrol). His name was Urbanus Unterkircher. Surely, there must be more records from even earlier dates from the Unterkirchers who were residing in this valley. But from this record, the family-tree track starts.

Due to the multitude of children, there were back then and afterwards, many had to move away, as the farm-house only had enough room for one or two   families. In Weitental, there were 2 tribes carrying the same name of Unterkircher, which originated by 2 brothers. One tribe was called the „Walder“ and the other tribe, the „Kofler“. My tribe is the „Walder“, and this tribe is the one, I am especially concentrated in. From all my extensive travels and visits, I almost visited every branch of the Unterkircher.

Around the year 1850, there was a huge emigration-wave in Europe to the USA, and many  Unterkirchers left their native-homes, too. On a seperate page I will list up all the information of the emigration of the Unterkircher. On my many travels to the USA, I gathered extensive information of the Unterkircher in the USA as well.

Unterkircher Families also live in Heidelberg, Stuttgart Area, Munich, Nuremberg and a few other areas in Germany. In Austria, many live in Kärnten, who came from the Puster-Valley around the turn of the century and reside along the Drau-River. There are tribes in St. Andrä in the Lavant-Valley of Franz Unterkircher, as well as in Lavamündt, where some emigrated to the Stuttgart Area, and in Sirnitz. His descendant ANTON, born on 08 November 1911, remained in Heidelberg after 2nd World War. Also in the capital of Tyrol, there are a few more Unterkircher residing.

Franz Unterkircher,  former mayor and freedom-fighter of Kärnten in 1920 at St. Andrä im Lavant

Also the Unterkirchers were suffered by sickness and death, i.e. at the same time in November 1918, Rosalia, wife of Peter Unterkircher, only 31 years of age (my grandmother), died on 2 November. Their daughter Maria, 10 years of age died on 6 November, all of them residing in Meransen. And on 31 October 1918 in the distanced Sirnitz in Kärnten, Vinzenz, only 6 years of age, died. And all of them died from the

„Spanish Flue“.




JOHANN, born in the year of 1645 had a son, named PETER born

on 27 June 1704, and his son KASPAR, born on 03 January 1739 leaded the „Kircher“-tribe, and of another son of Peter, named JOHANN, born on 02 May 1725, the tribe to the Heidelberg (Sirnitz) and also from the tribe in Kärnten originated. (St. Andrä). This is how the „Kircher“ continued. After Kaspar, there was his son ANTON, born on 17 January 1776, and there is only one son recorded with the name JAKOB, born on 13 July 1811. This Jakob is a very interesting person, and it took me exensive efforts to gather information.

Of him, the whole tribe to the „Putzer“ in Schabs originated (son Thomas, born on 21 December 1844) and of this tribe I will make a separate page as well.

Accidentally, I discovered a second marriage of JAKOB. After his wife had

died, he re-married Maria Mauerlechner of Pfunders, who died on

18 April 1911 in Innsbruck Hötting. From this marriage, there were 2 sons.

Anton, born on 02 June 1881, baker and never has been married and Rudolf, born on 17 April 1878 in Schabs,  butcher in Hötting. From this marriage with Johanna Juliane Kuen, there were 5 children who emigrated

to Munich. Some remained in Innsbruck. More details and information of an separate made up family-tree by me, will be on a separate page listed.

(Page: Tribe „Putzer“)

From the first marriage of JAKOB, who carried the house-name „Kircher“ with Gertraud Firler, there were 8 children. THOMAS, born on 21 December 1844 married Maria Putzer, who carried the house name „Putzer“. More information are listed later (Page: Tribe „Putzer“). From ALOIS, born 09 September 1854, JOSEF, born on 29 August 1852,

JOHANN, born on 07 February 1848 individual tribes arised. PETER, born on 27 June 1846 leaded the „Kircher“-tribe further. From the marriage with Maria Stubenruß (06 February 1872) came 14 children, 9 daughters and 5 sons.

The brother and sisters of Peter (born on 12 January 1876) (picture made in the year 1805), standing from the left: Maria (Vorderwalderin), Josef, Katharina (Koflerin), Anna (Hoferin), Theresia (Saxenbäuerin Telfes bei Sterzing), Peter (Kircher) - my grandfather, Alois. sitting front from the left: Philomena (Pitzner) Oberaudorf, the mother of the children in Oberaudorf, Waldburga Oberaudorf (right side small picture of

Franz). Who is missing on the picture with many people is Anton, the father, he already died in the year 1894, 48 years of age.


VERONIKA * 4.7.1890; gest. 12.4.1891; AGNES * 9.9.1887; gest. 13.6.1888; MARIA * 12.1.1873 gest. 30.5.1911; ANNA * 7.6.1874, gest. 3.4.1943; PHILOMENA  *15.3.1877, gest. 20.9.1954; JOSEF *9.9.1879 gest 30.1.1947; WALBURGA *15.2.1881 gest 10.3.1970; ROSA *11.8.1882 gest 13.6.1957; KATHARINA *4.8.1884 gest. 16.11.1925;

THERESIA, born on 29 December 1885, died on 06 December 1954, ALIOS, born on 20 April 1892, died on 27 May1977, ANTON, born on

11 June 1878 and FRANZ, born on 01 November 1888 had no children.

JOSEF, born on 09 September 1879 had four children, Eduard, born on 07 January 1934, died 21 January 1999, Paulina, born on 17 June 1930, Josef born on 08 June 1928, Anton born on 10 February 1936, JOSEF, born on 08 June 1928 had four children. Anton, born on 25. October 1967, Helga born on 08 October 1966, Angelika born on 09 August 1965, Annemarie, born on 24 June 1964.

ALOIS born on 20 April 1894 had four children: Albert born on 08 June 1923, died on 01 March 1992, Rosa Eva, born on 21 December 1925, died on 02 October 2000, Josefa born on 14 March 1927, Alois-Josef born on 07 February 1932, died on 21 November 2000. Only ROSA EVA had children, Rosemarie born on 24 July 1953 and son of ROSEMARIE, Alois Albert on 22 January 1976.

The tribe of the „Kircher“ was lead by PETER, born on 12 January 1876, married with Rosalia Pabst (Holzer-daughter of Meransen and sister of the family-tree originator priest Bernhard Pabst). They had 5 children. Peter had to take 2 big strokes of fates.

Peter Unterkircher

* 12.1.1876 "Kircher"

+ 13.12.1949

In the night of Fronleichnam, his farm-house was hit by lightning and burned down to the ground. On 02 November 1918, his youngest daughter just turned 2 years of age (born on 08 November 1916), his wife died on „Spanish Flue“. 2 days later, his daughter MARIA, born on 07 September 1908, died on 06 November 1918 also on „Spanish Flue“. Son VINZENZ, born on 21 October 1911, died on 10 March 1996, married with Paula Rieder „Oberhofer“ had 7 children, 6 boys and 1 girl. FRANZ, born on 05 January 1945, died on 12 March 1993, PETER, born on 10 January 1953, died on 28 October 1969,

JOSEF, born on 19 October 1950, ALBERT born on 29 July 1954, ANTON born on 03 October 1956, RICHARD, born on 15 August 1959 married with Gertraud Niedrist on 17 October 1987. They have 2 children Nadia and Hannes. Daughter ANTONIA, born on 27 January 1910, married with Michael Madlaner, died on 20 April 1998. Daughter PAULA, born on 08 November 1916, married in 1951 Georg Grasegger in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Silvia Unterkircher

Franziska Unterkircher

She had one illegitimate son, named    HERMANN, born on 28 April 1950 in Brixen, married with Angelika Huber on 20 April 1979 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. They have 2 children, Silvia and Franziska. Son AUGUSTIN, „Kircher“, born on 18 September 1914, died on 20 February 1995, married with Marianne Oberhofer, „Pfeifer“ in Meransen. They had 9 children. 3 daughters and 6 sons. Twins JOSEF, born on

19 March 1955, married with Klara Marcher of St. Johann in Ahrn, 2 children, Daniela and Alexander, and twin ERNST died at his birth.





ALBERT, born on 05 August 1954, died on 30 Septeber 1963 at lumberjack-work. OSWALD, born on 23 July 1950, married with Amalie Hinteregger of Lüsen. From their marriage they had 2 children, Anita and Christian.

KARL, born on 31 May 1961, married with Lydia Weger of Terenten, have 2 children Ernst and Oskar. The oldest son of Augustin was WALTER, born on 11 June 1948 in Meransen. From his marriage with Irma Flenger (Plansoll) of Lüsen, they have 5 children, Peter, Paul, Martina, Margarete and Rita. Peter probably later will take over the „Kircher“ farm-house.

The „Unterkircher“ ancestor-record to be made in 1940 for the NAZI-  

  Government to proof the „Aarish Human Race“


Record of Jakob Unterkircher in the year of 1811  


The „Kircher“ - Farmhouse in Meransen, as it was rebuild after it burned burned down in the year of 1905

The „Kircher - Farmhouse today, after it was modified in the year 1970

   to not only be a „Famhouse“, but also rooms with bed and breakfast were

   for guests were made.