The recordings of a historical tribe

The family-crest

In the year of 1587, to a family-member of the Unterkirchers, LORENZ UNTERKIRCHER, a family-crest was awarded by the Habsburger.

Lorenz Unterkircher has been a  mountain-judge-lawyer in the Alsace.

The Original entry is registered in the crest-archive in the Tyrolean National-museum, Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck, Archive-Book 412.

In the year of 735 A.D., Bajuwarian immigrated to the area which is today called as “South-Tyrol”. The Bavarian Duke Tassilo III. founded a monastery in Innichen, to enable the spread of the Christian religion and the baviarian culture.

Therefore, the Bavarian touch can be seen on the crest of the Unterkircher.

Description of the crest :

The Bajuwarian lion with the blue gentian which is sitting on a helmet, represents the

pride of the family and the heroical background. Underknees is the actual

heraldic-sign with the white/red Tyrolean colors, and again the bajuwarian

heraldic-animal with the Bavarian gentian in their paws, and below the church on mountain-ground which describes the name Unterkircher.

The photo of the crest was taken by myself and originally re-painted by Mr. Schindler in Farchant. 

On several buildings of the Unterkirchers, the crest it is painted. The information all originated from the archive in the Tyrolean National Museum. 


Originaleintrag im Wappenbuch, Landesmuseum

Originaleintrag im Wappenbuch, Landesmuseum

Das Wappen mit Farbbezeichnung

Das Wappen am Nußbauerhof in Schabs, Pustertal